TMCD Researcher gives Seminar at Oxfam GB

On November 22 TMCD Researcher, Giacomo Zanello, gave a lunchtime seminar in Oxfam House on the nature and diffusion of innovation in developing countries. The seminar was an opportunity to disseminate the research results of the DILIC project and to learn from Oxfam's experience on the field.

From the invitation:

Is innovation all about patents and research and development (R&D) departments? If so, firms in low-income countries (LICs) are hardly innovative?
The reality on the ground is far from this. Innovation in LICs is widespread in formal and informal businesses and cover several fields. From product to marketing and management innovations. Some firms innovate to survive or to cut costs, others to move from informal to formal sector. Dr Giacomo Zanello from the Technology and Management Centre for Development at the University of Oxford will discuss the nature of innovation in LICs, and presents a case study from the private sector in Ghana. Hugo Sintes (Oxfam Enterprise Development Programme Manager) will discuss the experience from Oxfam's projects.