TMCD hosts successful Huawei seminar

On 5 October, 2016, TMCD hosted a high-level seminar featuring the world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, Huawei Technologies. Founded in 1987 and based in Shenzhen, China, Huawei has grown to become one of China's most well-known multinational enterprises. It is a provider of ICT equipment and solutions for carriers and enterprises, as well as mobile devices. 

TMCD had the pleasure of hosting high-level speakers at a seminar which outlined some of Huawei's innovation and internal governance principles. Our first speaker was Mr. Jack Lyu,  the Vice President of Huawei’s Human Resource Management Department and the Executive Secretary of Huawei’s Human Resources Committee. In his presentation, Mr. Lyu outlined Huawei's unique organisational and incentive structure for its employees. He stressed the importance of sharing value to create value in Huawei's unique structure of being employee-owned, and the importance of Huawei's philosophy of rewarding its talent. 

The second speaker was Mr. Tian Tao, an advisor of the Huawei International Advisory Council and Co-Director of the Ruihua Innovative Management Research Institute at Zhejiang University. Mr. Tao started researching Huawei in 1999, and has published books on Huawei’s culture and history. Having conducted numerous personal interviews with Huawei employees around the world, including in-depth interviews with Huawei founder, Mr. Ren Zhengfei, Mr. Tao is at a unique position to understand Huawei. He talked about Huawei's values of empowering employees, and stressed the importance of not letting profiteering overtake the wellbeing of Huawei's workers. He also distributed copies of his new book, Huawei: Leadership, Culture and Connectivity. 

After their speeches, speakers took questions from the audience, as well as commentary from Professor Xiaobo Wu, Dean of School of Management, Director of National Institute for Innovation Management, and Director of Global Zhejiang Entrepreneur Research Center at Zhejiang University. Professor Wu outlined the importance of Huawei's innovative style of management. The event was chaired by TMCD's Professor Xiaolan Fu.