TMCD Alumni awarded a £237,633 ESRC grant

Marco Haenssgen a former DPhil candidate at TMCD in collaboration with other TMCD associates Dr Proochista ArianaProf Felix Reed-Tsochas, and Dr Giacomo Zanello have been awarded an ESRC grant of £237,633. The award will enable Marco and his collaborators to study health behaviours in rural Thailand and Laos in the context of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR is a global health threat that endangers the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 3 on "Good Health and Well-Being." Leading UK and global strategy papers aiming at improving people's antibiotic usage to fight and prevent AMR thereby focus exclusively on awareness-raising campaigns, but this narrow approach suffers from conceptual, methodological, and empirical weaknesses. In response, this study intends to improve the understanding of patients' antibiotic-related health behaviour to inspire more targeted and unconventional interventions in low- and middle-income countries


Prof Fu commented that she is very pleased to see the successful achievements of former TMCD students and researchers. She congratulated them on their successful bid and expressed her delight in seeing that the network that they had developed during their time at TMCD has provided a foundation for further collaboration which is sure to lead to further accomplishments.


All at TMCD would like to congratulate Marco, Proochista, Giacomo and Prof Reed-Tsochas